Our consultation services can be as simple, or as complex as needed depending on the unique situation of a client/partner, our consultations span the financial and business fields and are listed below in summation to give you a general idea of the services we offer. Please keep in mind that more services will be added and that all of these services are available as a provided service or as consultation for the DIY aficionado.  


Board Advisors:          

We act, with and for a limited time as members of your board of directors during the first year of your incorporation in order to add stability, and direct training for your board positions. Helping you to create corporate operating procedures,  corporate management protocol,  day to day operations.


Board Vetting:            

Overstanding that a properly operating board of directors can determine the success of any project we help you to vet your board of directors and provide a knowledge base for them to grow in their professional capacities respectively.


Board Development:   

We ascertain the requirements of your corporation with respect to the areas of direction and responsibilities of your board of directors. Furthermore, we aid in the creation of board execution strategies, checks, and balances, etc.


Brand Logo Design:   

The importance of an original, registrable, and trademark-able brand marking that represents your corporation or product brand under your corporate umbrella.


Business Plan Development:   

We can provide, or walk you through the process of building a 30-page business plan

for your company that covers 7-year projections, cost analysis, sales strategies,  market research and analysis, production and distribution plan, timelines and implementation plans.


Coaching calls:            

We provide weekly coaching calls to keep active updates, and status reports so that you can have your questions answered in semi-real time, incorporate new ideas into functionality with your developed incorporation and execution plans.


Contract Negotiations:

We can on your behalf through a limited power of attorney and, negotiate the terms of contracts and agreements based on the desires and demands of your corporation, or examine the agreements that you are presented with until such a time as you learn the process,  acquire staff, or outsource this task.


Commercial Audio Production:

All corporations at some time will need commercial audio to support a marketing or promotional campaign. Audio is the backbone of information transmission and because of that fact, we have established audio production facilities to fill exactly that need.


Commercial Cinematography:

Short form or long form video pre-production, production, and post-production complete production services for marketing, and promotional campaigns, as well as creative production for film and broadcast.


Commercial Photography:

Corporate marketing and promotional photography for all of the aspects of branding and marketing of products and services. With full frame high definition equipment, professional grade, machines and software’s we accomplish you creative marketing vision.


Corporate Structuring:

We educate you as to the best type of organizational strategies, and how they benefit your corporation both in the short term and in the long term. Or we can actively produce the document to have your company officially recognized.


Document Research:

There are documents that must be researched prior to filing to ensure that there is no prior ownership or registrations, we research those documents an insure your clearances for registration.


Document Review:     

Our staff examines your corporate documents and creates a secondary backup record for you corporate filing and important certifications, registrations, and licenses.


Document Drafting:    

There are several documents that every corporation needs in order to effectively, legally, and sustainably do business, and we can help you develop those documents so that any prerequisites are met saving you time and money.


Leadership Training:   

In the corporate world, there is very little room at the top for followers, fortune favors the bold. Those who are educated, prepared, dynamic, determined, and experienced are usually the bold. We have a program that develops the leadership characteristics that will be necessary for business success


Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations:

These documents are tools of the trade and in most cases required depending on the type of business you have are going to start. So we help to research, budget and plan your document acquisition process so that you have met all of the legal and regulatory requirements to legally do business.


Market Research:        

Before you spend a dime you should probably have a general idea as to if people are interested in your product or service, If they are willing to pay and how much if they are willing to recommend your product or service. Market research is the means of gathering this data.


Market Analysis:        

The market analysis encompasses gleaning relevant marketing data from multiple sources both actively and passively collected. We have the collection methods and execution strategies that garner the largest market based on the infrastructure, and marketing budget of the corporation we are performing the market analysis for.


Market Plan Development:

Based in the market research report, and market analysis we craft a product or service specific marketing plan that identifies your brand creates, brand association, and creates a narrative based on your product or service; complete with promotional campaigns, and implementation strategies.


Sales Strategy Development:

All products and services carry an estimated intrinsic value however, most new business owners have trouble setting a successful sales strategy in place that provides for a fair value to the consumer, a fast return on initial investment, and incremental steadily increasing profit margin. We help you to develop a sales strategy that introduces your product or service to your target market at an initial profit.


Scalability Planning:

Most people start a business with no plan for it, and when they retire from that business. We start your business from the ground up with that very thing in mind. In short, we helping you create a money machine that you don’t have to keep running.